GPS Tracking Features

This solution will support any business that has 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 50 yard roll-off containers, which will allow the driver/employee responsible for the moving, emptying, and relocation of containers to do nothing more than complete their tasks. It is the only solution available today that provides this critical management and business intelligence with no human interaction or driver requirements (no phone application needed, no tablet needed or any data entry).

It aligns perfectly with most waste disposal or scrap metal businesses that utilize and manage roll-off container services.

Ease of Use

The tracking website allows you to manage your containers while on the go.

RFID Trackable

Containers are tracked using an RFID tag for a simple yet effective way to know where your containers are located.


Improve operational efficiencies and employee productivity by decreasing administrative and managerial time wasted on data entry and the management of moving assets.

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